Revolutionizing Industries: Parisian Pioneers in Advanced 3D Printing Technology


Welcome to the world of 3D printing, a realm where ideas materialize with the click of a button. This cutting-edge technology is rapidly transforming industries, enabling intricate engineering, promoting sustainability, and crafting an exciting new future. Our focus today, is on some of the most innovative companies operating in the 3D printing industry, all headquartered in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. These companies offer an alluring blend of expertise, innovation, and ambitious missions to revolutionize their respective sectors.

From health care to food and beverage, each chosen enterprise enhances our understanding of the limitless potential of 3D printing. Let’s delve deep into their operations, their contributions to the industry, and their visions for the future. We hope to inspire our readers with an expansive view of an industry poised to transcend traditional boundaries.

We believe that by spotlighting these companies, we are not just acknowledging their efforts and achievements but also sowing seeds for future partnerships, collaborations, and innovative ventures. We recognize their role in the exciting narrative of 3D printing and celebrate their determination in making this technology increasingly accessible and beneficial to all.


BIOMODEX, founded by Sidarth Radjou and Thomas Marchand, is an innovative medical technology company utilizing 3D printing to create anatomically accurate twins from medical images. These patient-specific models provide valuable tactile feedback and an advanced training experience. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Prodways, founded by Andre-Luc Allanic, positions itself as a credible alternative to industry leaders, offering a broad spectrum of 3D printing services. LinkedIn | Twitter

Spare Parts 3D

Co-founded by Paul de Misouard and Paul Guillaumot, Spare Parts 3D leverages a global network of additive manufacturing technologies to drive inventory digitization and local on-demand production. LinkedIn | Twitter

The Digital Patisserie

Helmed by Marine Coré-Baillais, The Digital Patisserie revolutionizes the way chefs make desserts with new 3D printing technology. It provides intermediary products that dramatically improve kitchen efficiency. Facebook | LinkedIn


USINE IO, founded by Benjamin Carlu and Gary Cige, is a unique space that facilitates the transition from idea to prototype in preparation for industrialization. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

The Quartz Corp

The Quartz Corp is a manufacturer specializing in 3D printing and mining. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


3Dnatives, founded by Alexandre Martel and Pfohl Marc, is the largest international online media platform on 3D printing and its applications. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


3D Slash, co-founded by Quentin Jacomet and Sylvain Huet, provides an intuitive 3D content creation platform. It\’s a popular tool in STEM education to foster spatial vision, design skills, and problem-solving abilities. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Groupe Gorgé

Groupe Gorgé is an independent group specializing in high-tech industries, including 3D printing. It\’s recognized worldwide for its expertise in robotics, automation, and simulation for fire protection and nuclear safety systems. Twitter


Founded by Cédric Michel, Pollen AM is dedicated to developing Personal Manufacturing; Their 3D printer and its ecosystem is designed to deliver high-quality, finished, and ready-to-use products from the comfort of your home. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Cosmogen, established in 1982, design and manufacture packaging and applicators for the cosmetic industry. Leveraging on 3D printing technology, they pioneered a broad range of cosmetic accessories. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Written by Mark Smith

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