San Diego Innovators Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Industry Landscape

The emergence of 3D printing technology has revolutionized various sectors from manufacturing to biotechnology and beyond. With constant innovation and a thrust towards industrial automation, 3D printing is being embraced in various business landscapes. San Diego, California, the synthetically perfect city, is home to quite a number of establishments that major in 3D printing and are making waves in the industry. This article series throws the spotlight on these trailblazing companies, examining the work they do, the innovation they bring, and ways they are contributing to the global 3D printing landscape. Here are some of these companies in no particular order.

Intrepid Automation

Intrepid Automation, a startup based in San Diego, specializes in the development of 3D print systems and materials intended for industrial use. Led by co-founders Ben Wynne, Chris Tanner, Ivan Chousal, and Jamie Etcheson, the company thrives in the fields of 3D printing, cloud computing, industrial automation, and manufacturing. For more details, check out their Linkedin.


AstroPrint, a company that produces a suite of cloud-based software products for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry, proudly announces that customers like Purdue, Litens Automotive, and Baylor rely on their services. Led by Daniel Arroyo, Drew Taylor, and Joshua White, this company has remotely managed 3.5M 3D prints and completed 8M hours of cloud 3D Printing. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

UniZ Technology

UniZ Technology, formed in Feb 2014 by a group of engineers including Jeremy Sanders, provides affordable high-performance 3D printing tools. UniZ is focused on development and distribution related to 3D printing. For further information, check their posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, @UNIZ3D.

Allegro 3D

Allegro 3D, under founder Wei Zhu, is part of the Digital Light Processing printing industry. It specializes in DLP-based bioprinting technology that enables the manufacturing of biomedical devices and human tissues for various applications.


SD3D, specializing in, 3D Printing and Industrial Automation, has a solid reputation in creating 3D printing solutions for businesses. Founded by Bennett Berger and David Feeney, it utilizes technology to develop an end-to-end automation platform for autonomous 3D manufacturing. Connect via Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, @sd3d.

The Argen Corporation

The Argen Corporation is a dental-focused company that specializes in zirconia manufacturing and digital dentistry solutions. It offers digitally-produced products and services to dental labs of all sizes. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


ARRK is a product development specialist. Its integrated approach to product development is backed by top-notch engineering skills, cutting-edge technology, and guidance. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.


GoProto, under founder Tony Moran, provides plastic and metal part manufacturing solutions. Stay updated through their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Printivity specializes in 3D printing, graphic design, and printing. Follow them on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, @printivity.


3DaGoGo is a platform that ensures the printability of 3D designs on consumer-grade 3D printers. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, @3dagogo.

Cell Applications, Inc.

Cell Applications, Inc. is a global leader in Primary Cells. They also provide support for basic life science research, biopharmaceutical drug discovery, consumer health, and cosmetics testing. For more information, follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Each of these companies represents a significant contribution to the global 3D printing landscape. With their continued innovation and dedication, we anticipate more groundbreaking achievements in the 3D printing industry from this impressive group of companies.

Written by Mark Smith

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