Revolutionary Precious Metals Companies Transforming Johannesburg’s Futurology Landscape

South Africa, home to an abundance of natural resources, is known for having a vibrant precious metals industry. Johannesburg, in particular, serves as headquarters for many eminent companies operating in this sector. This article aims to highlight some of these companies, their operations, and their significant contributions to the precious metals industry.

Access to precious metals such as gold, diamond, platinum, and various other gemstones have positioned these companies as leaders in mining technology. The common factor binding these organizations is their commitment to exploration and mining, all while maintaining strict environmental and safety standards.

From exploration to retail, South Africa’s precinct of precious metals and minerals boasts companies renowned worldwide. Here’s an exploration of some of these companies based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Anglo American

The iconic Anglo American, founded by Ernest Oppenheimer, is one of the world’s largest mining companies. With operations that span across global lines, their wide-ranging portfolio includes bulk commodities, base metals, precious metals, and minerals. They are global leaders in platinum and diamonds, with a significant presence in about 45 countries. Learn more about Anglo American on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages or join their conversation on @angloamerican on Twitter.

Ikwezi Mining

Ikwezi Mining, although lesser-known than Anglo American, is a notable player in the Johannesburg mining scene. Specialising in mineral exploration and precious metals, the company’s details are mostly private, hence the limited information. Check out their website for more details.


In the same vein, Assmang is a notable mining company specialising in precious metals. Though the founders and company’s timeline are confidential, interested parties can find more about them on their official website or their LinkedIn page.


Another company that hails from Johannesburg is SEIFSA. This business specializes in using precious metals as part of their industrial engineering, business development, manufacturing, and employee benefits operations. Find out more about this company’s operations on their website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages or follow their Twitter handle @seifsa_sa.

SMI Steelmor Pty Ltd

Next on the list is SMI Steelmor Pty Ltd, a company that operates in the consulting, manufacturing, and precious metals industry. While there is limited information about their founding and operations, you can find more details on their website.

Petmin Limited

Another notable player is Petmin Limited, a producer of metallurgical anthracite. They also play a vital role in North America’s industrial pig iron project through their 40% stake in the North Atlantic Iron Corporation (NAIC). More information can be found on the company’s website.

The Scoin Shop

The Scoin Shop comes highly recommended for individuals attracted by the allure of collecting precious metals, especially coins. You can find further details on their website, Facebook page and join their following on Twitter under the handle @Scoinshop.

Copper Tubing Africa

Copper Tubing Africa engages in the manufacturing of the highest grade copper tubing for domestic, refrigeration, industrial and medical applications. The company lays emphasis on quality management and holds an ISO 9001 registration. Visit their website, Facebook page and LinkedIn page to learn more.

Process Pipe

Process Pipe is a national wholesaler of carbon and mild steel pipes, fittings, flanges, and more in South Africa. Founded in 1969, the company prioritises distribution and high-quality customer service. To know more, consider visiting their website or their LinkedIn page.


Since 1976, KWATANI has been leading the way in the design and manufacture of vibrating screening and feeding solutions. Known earlier as Joest, this company has served its product to more than 40 countries. More about them can be unraveled on their website, Facebook page or LinkedIn page.

Canyon Coal

Concluding our list is Canyon Coal, a company which operates in the energy, mining and precious metals industry. More about the company can be found on their website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages or by following their Twitter handle @CanyonCoal.

To sum up, these companies, despite operating in the same sector of precious metals, exhibit various ways to utilise these valuable assets. From mining to manufacturing to retail, each company has found a unique niche, contributing to the economy and solidifying South Africa’s position in the global precious metals industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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